Remove Facial Hair

Remove Facial Hair


Remove Facial Hair

How do you remove facial hair? Shaving? Waxing? Or those messy depilatory creams? Most facial hair removers are just temporary solutions and put you at risk of irritating and even scarring your skin. A permanent facial hair remover would be great, but aren't those expensive?

A Better Way to Remove Facial Hair

Researchers have recently discovered that radio waves can effectively remove facial hair without pain and scarring. When these precise radio waves are delivered to the root, the hair dies and doesn't come back! This new, pateneted technology offers a non-invasive hair removal solution that is both affordable and easy to use.

has invented this technology and packaged in a specially designed application system that delivers radio waves to the root of the hair, removing unwanted facial hair for good. Use the special tweezers for those smaller areas or treat larger areas of skin with the patch applicators included with your kit, all from the comfort and privacy of your own home.

Know Your Options

Removing facial hair can be a real problem. The more methods to remove facial hair include applications such as shaving, waxing and depilatory creams, all of which require a lifetime commitment if you want to keep the hair at bay. Shaving works, but it doesn't last very long and the hair often grows back thicker than before. Creams are messy and often irritating to the skin while waxing just rips the hair out by the root. Someone thought that was an option?

Wanting something better, many have looked to electrolysis and lasers as a way to remove facial hair. Unfortunately, lasers aren't permanent and can irritate the skin. They also typically require numerous visits to achieve any real results and, at an average of $500 per visit, that can quickly become a very expensive.

Electrolysis does actually remove facial hair permanently but it can be extremely painful. An electrical shock is delivered to the hair's root through a needle and, like lasers, may require several visits in order to be effective. Electrolysis is also a costly procedure and can quickly deplete your savings.

Say Hello To Soft Smooth Skin

works without needles, lasers or electrical shock, so you can remove facial hair without worrying the risk of scarring or irritation. can remove facial hair permanently, targeting the root of each hair with a low-frequency radio wave, disabling the root and preventing the hair from growing back. This innovative technology eliminates the need for those expensive electrolysis and laser hair removal visits and is gentle enough to use on your face.

Now, you can say goodbye to expensive salon visits and say hello to the soft, smooth skin you've dreamed of. is the first to put this patented technology into a home kit for consumers that allows you to remove facial hair from the comfort and privacy of your own home. And it's affordable, so you don't have to exhaust your life's savings to get rid of unwanted hair.