Hair Removers


Hair Removers

Would You Like To Get Rid of Unwanted Hair?

How do you deal with unwanted hair? Shaving? Waxing? There are a number of hair removers on the market today, giving consumers the impression that they have a choice. But let's look at those choices, shall we?

Low end hair removers include temporary solutions such as shaving and depilatory creams. Shaving offers a cheap and easy way to get rid of unwanted hair and the good news is, it only takes a few minutes to apply. But that's where the good news stops. Shaving simply cuts the hair at skin level, stimulating the root so that the regrowth is darker and heavier than before. The result is prickly stubble (not to mention those nicks and cuts) that can reappear in as little as twenty-four hours.

Depilatory creams offer an alternative to the razor, although not a very good one. Messy and often irritating to the skin, creams offer a “hit and miss” type of solution in that sometimes they work, sometimes they don't. And, like the razor, creams are only a temporary hair remover that you'll have to apply again and again.

Waxing and rotary coils are longer-lasting hair removers, though not by much. Waxing applies cold or hot wax directly to the skin, which is then covered by a gauze-like cloth. This cloth is then ripped away, taking most of the hair with it. Can you say ouch? Rotary coils work much the same way except instead of ripping the hair out with wax, small metal rotating coils do the dirty work. Either way, you're looking at some pain and with minimal results.

Let's Talk Permanent

So far, so bad. But how about those permanent hair removers? Don't they offer something better? In truth, there's only one permanent hair removing system: electrolysis. Despite all the recent media, laser hair removers are not a permanent solution. The results typically last longer than those you'd see from shaving or creams, but the hair does grow back eventually and you'll need several costly visits to see any results at all. Electrolysis , on the other hand, is a permanent hair remover. But for electrolysis to work, each hair follicle is injected with a needle that delivers an electrical shock to the root. Sufficed to say, electrolysis is very painful. Its also very expensive and can cause unsightly scarring and irritation.

A Choice That Works

Fortunately, has developed a unique system that can get rid of your unwanted hair without the pain and expense associated with other hair removers. The hair removing system offers permanent hair removal by delivering a safe, low-frequency radio wave through tweezers or the specially-designed patch applicators. No needles, no razors and no costly visits.

The hair removal system is a non-invasive permanent hair remover that disables the hair root and prevents it from growing back. The results from the hair remover are instant and you won't have to spend your savings to get it.

A Better Hair Removing Choice

patented application system allows it to slide out easily and painlessly, without the risk of irritation or scarring. Unlike other hair removers, it's easy to use and virtually pain-free. The kit includes two application methods: tweezers for smaller areas and a specially-designed patch for larger sections of skin.

With , you can enjoy soft, smooth skin immediately without damaging your skin. And, because it's a permanent hair remover, you can finally say goodbye to unwanted hair forever. Click here to find out how you can get your own hair removal system.