Bikini Hair Removal


Bikini Hair Removal

How’s Your Bikini Line?

Those warmer months mean cooler clothes, including that cute little bikini you’ve been waiting to wear. And you’ll do whatever it takes to wear it well. Between dieting and exercise, you’re confident that bikini will look great. But don’t forget your bikini line. Unsightly hair is the last thing you need and there are several options for removing it. Unfortunately, most bikini hair removal options come with unwanted side effects such as rashes, cuts and even serious pain.

Which bikini hair removal method is right for you?


Shaving is probably the most common method of removing unwanted bikini hair. Inexpensive and relatively painless, shaving cuts the hair at skin level using nothing more than a razor and some soap. With the exception of a few nicks and cuts, shaving is a fast and easy way to get rid of unwanted bikini hair. But before you grab your razor, you should know that the effects of shaving won’t last long. Hair that is shaved typically grows back quickly, sometimes in 24 hours or less. Shaving can also cause “razor burn”, an itchy and sometimes painful rash.


Many women tired of razors turned to waxing as an alternative for bikini hair removal. Using hot or cold wax applied directly onto the skin, a thin strip of gauze material is pressed onto the wax and then ripped away, taking the wax and much of the hair with it. Need to read that again? The hair is ripped away. Hair that has been removed with wax takes longer to grow back and usually comes in lighter and finer than before, but waxing can be painful, especially in more tender areas and can cause minor irritation and swelling.


A more permanent method of bikini hair removal, electrolysis injects low electrical currents directly into the hair follicle through a needle. Yes, this method of hair removal is as painful as it sounds and can even cause minor scarring. The process can take hours, especially on larger areas and frequently requires more than one visit. Electrolysis is also one of the most expensive methods of hair removal and can cost several thousands of dollars depending upon the number of treatments needed.

A Better Bikini Hair Removal Choice

Wanting to find a better way, researchers have discovered that radio waves are extremely effective at removing unwanted hair. Like electrolysis, radio waves kill the root and inhibit re-growth, yet radio waves aren’t invasive or painful. And unlike the more traditional methods of hair removal, radio wave technology doesn’t require blades or needles and doesn’t contain any harsh chemicals that could irritate the skin.

has patented this incredible technology and created a home kit that offers you the same great results you get from a salon. No more nicks and cuts. No more needles or wax. The hair removal system provides a safe and effective way to remove unwanted bikini hair all from the comfort of your own home. And the best part? is available at a price you can afford.

If you’re interested in learning more about radio wave technology, click to discover how you can enjoy painless and permanent bikini hair removal.


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