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Learn the secret to Permanent Hair Removal

If you're tired and frustrated with traditional hair removal methods, you may have considered electrolysis as an alternative.

You're not alone.

Today, more and more consumers are tossing the razors and waxes in the hopes of finding a more pleasant (and permanent!) hair removing solution. Unfortunately, there hasn't been much in the way of permanent hair removing options in the past. Even expensive laser treatments can't remove all the hair, making electrolysis seem like a good alternative.

But is it?

No Pain, No Gain

Before you jump on the electrolysis bandwagon, there are a few things you should know. First, electrolysis can be extremely painful. In order to remove the hair, a needle must be inserted into each hair follicle where an electrical shock is delivered to the hair's root. This shock disables the root and causes the hair to fall out on its own. And if that's not bad enough, you should also know that electrolysis works best when hairs are in their growth state. Unfortunately, your hairs are not in this optimum state all at the same time, meaning that many hairs will require additional treatments.

Electrolysis is also very expensive and can cost several thousand dollars depending upon the amount of hair you're having removed and the number of treatments required.

A Better Hair Removing Solution

Hair removing systems shouldn't be painful. They shouldn't irritate or damage the skin. Nicks and cuts. Itching and burning rashes caused by chemicals and razors. Is all that really necessary?

We don't think so.

has something better. A new and innovative permanent hair removing system that gets rid of the “ouch” and leaves you with smooth, soft skin. Using ground-breaking radio wave technology, permanent hair removing system eliminates the need for painful electrolysis visits as well as the life-time commitment to shaving, waxing and other temporary hair removal methods.

specially designed application system delivers radio waves to the root of the hair, allowing it to slide out easily and painlessly. Use tweezers for those smaller areas or treat larger areas of skin with the patch applicators included with your kit.

Unlike electrolysis, is works without needles and electrical shock, so you can enjoy a non-invasive permanent hair removing system without worrying about scarring or irritation.

A Permanent Hair Removing System That Works

patented application system allows for easy and effective hair removal without expensive electrolysis visits. Its affordable and so simple to use that you can achieve permanent hair removal from the privacy and comfort of your own home.

You don't have to endure the pain and discomfort that comes with today's hair removing choices. is a permanent hair removing solution that can give you long-lasting permanent results without the pain and expense of electrolysis.

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